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We get it—you want to solve some of the major problems of our time and change the world. You want to be the next Rosalin Franklin. The next Steve Jobs. But we can do you one better—we can help you become the next you.

At Mines, you can choose from a variety of unique, top-notch programs in engineering and applied science that will take your education to the next level and prepare you to take on the world.

Home to one of
two Goodwill moon rocks
from Apollo 11

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$65.89 million in
research awards in
FY 2018

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#1 in the world
for mineral and

mining engineering

“Mines is a place that pushed me to become a proud Malaysian and Muslim woman and also a workaholic. Most importantly, I became a person who is able to withstand whatever comes, and I found myself again. This place will always have a special place in my heart.”

Farah Husna Mustafa Kamal ’19, Petroleum Engineering

“I chose Mines for my PhD because it is one of the few schools in the country that still has a metallurgy program. My research is on quench and partitioning steels (QP steels), and essentially my job is to optimize them, make them better.”

Casey Gilliams
PhD student, metallurgical and materials engineering

“I really fell into the symbolism of the M Climb. This idea of the rock representing all of the work that I’m going to do over the course of my time here at Mines…It’s weird to me that that rock almost means more to me than my diploma…because it’s a representation of all of the work I put in.”

Brandon Bakka ’19, Chemical Engineering